The briefcase should be brown

Classic-brown-briefcase-The-Journal-of-StyleBlack shoes for navy blue and charcoal suits? Naturally.

Black belts? Yes, if the shoes are black.

What about the gloves? They are in a terrain vague. Personally, I think (dark) brown gloves are the better choice for business suits, even with black shoes below. Black gloves are too dramatic.

What about accessories like wallets and briefscases: should they follow the colour of the shoes?

No. Wallets and briefcase should be brown always and made up in vegetable tanned leathers, so they can get a charming patina. It might not be one of the infamous dressing rules, but brown wallets and brown briefcases do carve a trace in history.

Take a look at the photo above. Danish barrister Kristian Steglich-Petersen and minister Gustav Rasmussen are showing up in Haag in 1932 to battle against Norway for territories in Eastern Greenland. Both Kristian Steglich-Petersen and Gustav Rasmussen are in striped dark lounge suits, shoes are black, and, briefcases are brown.

Not surprisingly, Norway lost the case.

Source: The Royal Library

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3 Responses to The briefcase should be brown

  1. Doubting Thomas says:

    Black shoes with a business suit? Tasteless, absolutely tasteless. With advice like that you should write a fashion column for Sears.

  2. Richard Conlan says:

    Actually, the gentleman on the right appears to be wearing a “stroller suit” rather than a lounge suit — see the combination of charcoal striped trousers with a solid black jacket?

  3. Torsten says:

    Initially, I thought that myself, a morning coat or black jacket. Then I took a closer look at the original photo, and stripes on jacket and trousers came out exactly the same.

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