The venerable Tonik suiting

Willy-Mokjær-Tonik-Suting-The-Journal-Of-Style-1 Willy-Mokjær-Tonik-Suting-The-Journal-Of-Style-2Willy-Mokjær-Tonik-Suting-The-Journal-Of-Style-3

The internet clothing fora produce small hypes. One of the latest is Dourmeuil’s Tonik suiting in mohair. Not the one made today, obviously, but the heavy Tonik from the 80s and before. That was a great, legendary cloth.

I wonder, though, if the new bespokesmen would really love the old Tonik, if they had it made up. I inspected it a few days ago. It is a scratchy bullet proof mean weave, not like the super soft fabrics nowadays designed for a generation grown up in t-shirts and jumpers.

Could be we should leave the old Tonik to men, who by experience know how to wear armor, for instance this wonderful 90 years old gentleman, Willy Mokjær, former president of the tailor’s guild in Denmark. He made the well-cut Tonik suit above for himself start of the 1980s.

“The price of it increased steeply in the 80s, and then it disappeared,” Willy Mokjær described the death of Tonik to me.

Source: The Journal of Style

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2 Responses to The venerable Tonik suiting

  1. TTO says:

    Such a beautiful suit and a stunning cloth!

  2. Mark says:

    Love this guy! Thanks for posting his stuff.

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