My shots from Pitti Uomo – part 2

Bespoke tailoring is about style, not fashion. That is what we learn in school. At Pitti Uomo we will get a different lesson. Bespoke tailoring can be fashion-forward, or, at least, influenced by the logic of fashion. A Pitti Uomo we see bespoke suits and jackets in similar flannel, tweed and donegal. Bespoke camel coats are also popular like the eccentric casentino ulster coat.

There is nothing wrong with that, I think. You can be well-dressed and in style, even though you favor fashionable colors, patterns and textures. A well-cut suit is a well-cut suit.

In regards to the persons on the photos, I don’t know all the names. But, Francesco Maglia and Valentino Ricci from Sciamat are there.

Photos: The Journal of Style

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