With a Vintage Touch


Vintage Alfred Alm double breasted suit.


Vintage Stanley Peake glenchecks suit.


Vintage Albert Thurston braces.


Made to order Aubercy button boots.


Bespoke Rubinacci cashmere jacket.

The Copenhagen tailor Peter Undén gave a party on the occasion of christmas. Many sartorialists were there, some in vintage bespoke, others in their own bespoke garments.

Source: The Journal of Style

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Finding Well-Fitting Trouser Braces


The height and construction of trousers vary, unless you always wear the same cut. Most of us are not that disciplined, so one pair of braces will not be enough.


We need braces in different lengths and designs, so the buckles on the front can be placed below our chest, where they make less noise, and so that the joint on the back will lie flat. My latest challange came with trousers from Arnulf. I had to have a pair of braces altered to make them fit the trousers and me.

Photo: The Journal of Style

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At Henry Poole’s in the 1970s

The suits haven’t changed much, but the large pointed shirt collar, the big tie knot, and hairstyle reveal what decade we are in. The footage introduces Henry Poole mainly. A young Angus Cundey, father of the present manager Simon Cundey, is there with his father. A very good-looking double breasted suit at the end, by the way.

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Shop: Men’s Winter Items

Unlined brown carpincho gloves by Merola.

Cashmere lined dark burgundy nappa gloves by Merola.

Chesnut brown lamb shearling gloves by Merola.


Large forest green cashmere scarf by Begg.


Large green and navy blue chekered cashmere scarf by Begg.

Large wine red and navy blue chekered cashmere scarf by Begg.

Begg-large-cashmere-scarf-wine-red-GrunwaldLarge wine red cashmere scarf by Begg.


English flat cap in vintage Harris Tweed.


Newsboy in rusty old style Scabal shetland tweed.


Newsboy in corkscrew Scabal shetland tweed.


The noble business dot tie by a one-man operation in Italy.


The solid blue ties in twill weave.


The striped sports jacket and blazer ties. 


The James Bond ties in old style coarse grenadine silk and unlined.


Mario Zegna vintage tweed jacketings.


Vintage worsted flannel.

Red-Tower-suiting-GrunwaldThe Red Tower suitings. 

Source:All items from Grunwald

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A Sartorial Bolshevik

Duke-Windsor-Portrait-The-Journal-of-Style“He is fond of simplicity in attire nowadays – an old tweed sports-coat with a pair of gray flannel slacks are his favorite clothes for working in his garden. In his wardrobe are several suits he has had for many years. Not so long ago he was regarded by Savile Row as something of sartorial Bolshevik. Fond of bright colors, his tastes were regarded as too extreme to be in style, but he initiated many new styles —double-breasted dinner-jackets, soft cuffs on evening shirts, cuffs on the striped trousers worn with a cutaway coat, once, only, a sweater with a dinner-jacket. In his every-day clothes he affects large checks. His plus fours are very plus.”

[Literary Digest on the Prince of Wales / Duke of Windsor, June 1935]

Photo Credit: Unknown

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