Snapshots of Sartorial London in September

Sartorial-London-The-Journal-of-Style-1 Sartorial-London-The-Journal-of-Style-2

Turnbull & Asser


New & Lingwood


Foster & Son




Lock & Hatters


The master himself sketching me the lapidus cuff and the cocktail cuff


An Italian is moving in


Maurice Sedwell


The English reefer jacket by Richard Anderson

Sartorial-London-The-Journal-of-Style-92 Sartorial-London-The-Journal-of-Style-93 Sartorial-London-The-Journal-of-Style-94 Sartorial-London-The-Journal-of-Style-95

At Henry Poole’s capturing the dinner jacket, house buttons, and new old house tweed


Source: The Journal of Style

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My Red Shoes


Black and brown shoes inhabited my shoe racks. Something new had to happen. Red shoes were the choice. I sent Italian leather to my shoemaker in Warsaw, and, as always, he made me a pair well-fitting of shoes, which were a very red pair of shoes too.


I expected that though, and I had a plan: black shoe wax. I new it would change the colour significantly but I wasn’t exactly sure of the result. Here it is, a much more subtle colour, although you still have that dandy touch, which red tends to produce.

Source: The Journal of Style

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Shop: The Red Tower Suitings are Back …


… and, a deadstock Woodhouse reefer jacketing has landed. Read more …

Navy-Summer Jacketing-Hopsack-Grunwald

Also new is this vintage summer hopsack jacketing from Fossati for a single breasted blazer or odd jacket. Read more …


Finally, the Red Tower suitings. The upper is the very last, you will find. Read more …

Source: Grunwald

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The Style of Frederick IX, King of Denmark (1947-1972)

King-Frederik-9-Denmark-1 King-Frederik-9-Denmark-2 King-Frederik-9-Denmark-3 King-Frederik-9-Denmark-4 King-Frederik-9-Denmark-5 Nikita Khrustjov, Dronning Ingrid, Kong Frederik IX KONG FREDERIK IX DRIKKER KOP HYGGE FRITID BÅD FLAG KRONPRINS FREDERIK BARNDOMSBILLEDER KONG FREDERIK IX , Kong Frederik 9 Frederik på elgjagt i Sverige

Sources: BT, Politiken, Berlingske & The Royal Library

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The Two Button DB


I intent to modify features, when visiting the tailor but I always end up at the usual conservative ones: double-vented, flap pockets, six buttons on a double breasted.

Luckily, others don’t hold back. The young men above, tailors from Neaples, I believe, are donning a db with wide lapels, patch pockets, jetted ticket pocket, and minimalistic two buttons on the front.

Source: The Journal of Style

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